baby-shower-gift-christmas-gift-friend-gift-birthday-gift-baby-gift-groom-gift-gift-ideas-great-gift-ideas-coworkers-womens-jewelry-gift-ideasgreat-gift-ideas-hergreat-gift-ideas-huntergreatIt’s that special time of year again. The Christmas holiday season is soon upon us and it won’t be long until the kids are snapping at your heels, telling you what they want.

One of the best gifts you can give your child is a happy memory, one they will take with them through the years as I have.

Some of the best memories of my life have been around Christmas and my family. The time we spent together, the gifts we made for each other and for friends. The laughter, the music, and the time we had our parents’ undivided attention. Wow. That was a magic time.

Making gifts like a Christmas angel for your tree or to decorate the table is most special.

I remember looking forward to the holiday season just because I knew of all the cool things I’d get to do with my parents. We’d make gifts for our friends and other family members and it was hard to keep them wrapped and not give away the surprise.

We’d sing carols, decorate the tree and watch our favourite Christmas movies which I continue to look forward to even now.

With the financial situation the world is experiencing today, isn’t it a relief to know how special you can make the holidays with home-made Christmas Angel Crafts? You can add light, lustre and atmosphere with your hand made decorations and presents.

What about Christmas Stockings? Ever think of that? You can decorate and make them individual and special for each family member. I used to love my Christmas stocking and it was the first thing I went to on Christmas morning.

Each person’s stocking can be different, decorated with their name and bells or snowflakes, and a snowman. Let your imagination run wild. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Let the kids help and come up with the ideas and then they can put it all together.

Spending quality time with your children is the best gift you can ever give them. What better way than to show them the value of creating gifts with love and genuine caring. Put the Christmas music on the stereo or iPod or pop in a Christmas movie DVD. They will take these memories with them and cherish them forever, just as I have.